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Change, alter, and modify pictures or images

Change, alter, and modify pictures or images

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Program license: Free

Program by: Aviary

Version: 1.0

Works under: Windows

Also available for Android


Program license

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Aviary Photo Editor is a photo enhancement application for iOS and Android. The app allows users to add special effects, adjust lighting, and alter focus on original photos. Aviary Photo Editor offers hundreds of adjustments and effects options, making it one of the most popular and comprehensive apps available for enhancing photographs.

Setup and installation are a snap (no pun intended) because registration isn't required for use of the app. Users will appreciate the intuitive look and easy navigation of the home screen. To use, just pick a photograph or take a new one, select the image to be edited, and then choose a setting to begin making alterations. Settings include options for focus, orientation, saturation, warmth, and brightness. Beyond the basics are the ability to adjust red eye, whiten teeth, and erase blemishes. Meme creation is also a possibility with this app. An added benefit is that when taking a photo for editing, Aviary Photo Editor automatically uses the stock camera rather than a third party application. Most third party camera applications do not function optimally when used with another app.

A drawback to Aviary Photo Editor is that it's only available as an app for mobile devices, not for computers. This can be problematic for the photographer who prefers to edit photos using a desktop or laptop. Also, while there are a number of photo editing options, fonts for adding text are limited. Cropping is possible, but users cannot choose to resize photos.


- Easy editing at your fingertips on mobile devices

- Intuitive interface

- Wide array of editing options available

- Easy to share on social media and blogs

- Edited photos save automatically

- Uses stock camera instead of third party camera app


- Only available on mobile devices

- Limited fonts

- Cannot resize images

This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

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